Fallon Brainfood: Fall0nylitics 2.1: 17 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Online Advertising (And 1 Thing You Probably Do)

Did you know that 80% of clicks are done by 20% of people—and they’re probably not your target? That the biggest impact of online display ads could be on search? The explosion of data available to digital marketers often creates as much confusion as opportunity. This presentation aims to dispel the confusion so you can focus on seizing the opportunity.

Join Marty Kihn, Director of Strategic Analysis at Fallon, (http://www.fallon.com/blog/news/fallon-adds-depth-to-digital/) as he breaks down the most important things for marketers and creatives—and not just digital creatives—to know about online advertising.

Using case studies and the results of recent findings in the field, Marty lays out the key counter-intuitive insights we should know to make smarter decisions online. Learn who’s clicking, why landing pages matter, and how much of a difference the creative really makes.

In addition, Marty introduces Fallon’s own developing campaign optimization and indexing tool. Look for an announcement of this innovative open source solution in the coming months.

Whether you are in charge of making digital investment decisions or are involved in optimizing specific campaigns, you’ll find information you can use in this presentation.

In addition, Marty presents his data sources and is available to talk about additional details and implication of the proprietary case studies.

Brainfood is a series of presentations developed by thought leaders at Fallon that started several years ago. Brainfood’s wide-ranging topics explore trends, innovations, business issues, and opportunities for marketers and brands. Moreover, Brainfood offers a chance to come together and engage in a stimulating discussion on a variety of interesting topics that affect our business.

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