CES Rewind: Innovative Packaging for Trix

A new packaging concept by Fulton Innovation and eCoupled was demoed at this year’s CES.

Basically, the box lights up on the shelf to attract the customer’s attention. Here’s a video to demonstrate how it appears on the shelf: Light-up packaging video. However, there are even wider implications:

“The flexible eCoupled wireless coils can be applied onto packaging during the printing process, resulting in light-up elements on the front of, say, a cereal box. The packaging is charged through wireless power coils located directly on the store shelves.

The intelligent wireless power isn’t just for marketing purposes, however; it can also be used for inventory control at home and at the warehouse, autonomous ordering and conveying a product’s expiration date with alerts. This information can also sync with smartphones, computers and intelligent eCoupled kitchens.”


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