Shopping 2.0: Campbell Soup Co. Goes Mobile Sweepstakes w/StickyBits

MobileMarketer reports:

Campbell SoupMobile overhaul

Campbell Soup Co. is using a mobile application to promote its revamped label designs, shopper experience and soup selections.

The company launched “Soup Scan Sweepstakes” via the Stickybits application. Stickybits connects digital media to real-world objects via bar codes.

“We want consumers to think differently about our condensed soup – many varieties have been reformulated to reduce sodium, for example,” said John Faulkner, director of brand communications at Campbell Soup, Philadelphia.

“All soups now have new labeling,” he said. “We are asking consumers to try something new and this promotion requires them to interact with the product in a different and new way.

“Mobile is an area of great interest to us, as we expand how we use all social media platforms.”

Campbell Soup is a global manufacturer and marketer of foods and simple meals, including soup and sauces, baked snacks and healthy beverages.

Founded in 1869, the company has a portfolio of brands, including Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farm, Arnott’s and V8.

Campbell’s sweepstakes
Consumers can enter the sweepstakes by using the application – which is available for iPhone and Android devices – to scan UPC codes from labels of redesigned soup cans and share their impressions of the new designs by adding a photo.

The photo is then posted on the Campbell’s Condensed Soup Facebook page.

Here is a screen grab of the Facebook page:

Additionally, users can scan any bar code and attach photos and video content for other users to discover and respond to.

“Our primary consumer target is a female, purchasing for her family,” Mr. Faulkner said. “She’s from age 25-54.

“We think this contest will generate interest among our less traditional customers who are intrigued by the Stickybits app,” he said.

Here is another screen grab of the Facebook page:

Mobile entry
Users can enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $500 by posting a picture of the new label.

For each different scan a user uploads, they receive another sweepstakes entry.

The promotion concludes on Oct. 1.

“This is a test,” Mr. Faulkner said. “We’ll promote on our Facebook pages and in other available social media.”

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Rimma Kats, editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer, New York

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