Dominos asks users to "Show Us Your Pizza"

Dominos is hitting ’em with another promo: “Show Us Your Pizza” asks users to upload photos of their (Dominos) pizzas and they could collect $500.

But I am more intrigued with the flip-side of the contest that showcases transparency about HOW DOMINOS PIZZAS ARE PHOTOGRAPHED. In a slightly, Dove/Revolution manner, the process of food stylists and pizza photography is revealed (not so harshly as with Dove’s indictment of fake model photos, but clearly inspired by…) while D’s staff explains their neo-truth and commitment to real and fresh in the ad image development. There is an implied bash at other brands for faking up their photos (maybe a beefed up pepperoni or two? xtra gooey cheese added in post?) that puts viewers on guard to maybe question what others may be doing on their ad slicks and boxes. That is a clever play, supposing that people are actually this deeply engaged with Dominos and this idea (maybe they just launched but to-date, all the the photos on the page are not user-generated imagery just yet. Give it a day or so?). Also peep their “pledge” of allegience to transparancy and neo-truth in pizza photography.

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