Competitive Update: DiGiorno, Freschetta & Red Baron

We have recently seen a number of new ads from DiGiorno, Freschetta & Red Baron.  First off DiGiorno has released a new 30 second radio spot for DiGiornos pizzas.  The spot directly compares the prices of DiGiornos versus the nations top three delivery pizza places.  At half the price and just as much taste, they say DiGiorno is the way to go.  DiGiorno also has a new out-door ad campaign for their newest product “Ultimate Toppings”.   The billboards would ideally be placed around high traffic areas to comply with it’s copy “Bumper to Bumper Pepperoni.”   Taste and flavor certainly plays a big role when deciding on what pizza to get.  In order to be able to compete with delivery pizza chains, DiGiornos is doing it’s best to keep up with their offerings.

Secondly Freschetta released a new  15 second T.V. spot for it’s Naturally Rising Pizza.  The spot features a woman walking down the frozen pizza aisle in the grocery store.  As she approaches Freschetta, pizza chefs begin walking into the freezer carrying fresh ingredients.  Once she reaches the freezer, the Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust frozen pizzas appear where the chefs walked in.  The ad focuses on the natural, fresh ingredients that are used to make their pizzas.  This T.V. spot is aimed at mothers who are concerned with what they feed their family. To see the ad, click on the link below.

Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust_TV_3.1.10

Thirdly, Red Baron, like DiGiornos goes after the gametime crowd.  Red Baron has created new “shelf-talkers” that appear to be aimed at football fans, although the message sends a reminder to consumers and other advertisers that winter sports such as basketball and hockey are in full swing and their is still plenty of opportunity with their fans.

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