P&G Thanks Your Mom

Somewhere in here is an idea-ish.

P&G hijacked my Facebook to tell me about their “Thank A Mom” campaign/microsite…it kinda connects to thanking the mom athletes in the Olympics, with a “Family Room” lounge at event.

Then there is a page to peep “Mom Bloggers” but nothing really populated in that space, to-date.

And there is some user-generated testimony to “Thank Your Mom”. And for no particular incentive you’re invited to send your mom an email (via P&G though) and your message of thanx is added on the not-too-exciting-looking Thanks Mom Board. Eh. Just seems half-hearted, really, most of the links have nothing there…which is fine, but P&G called me to come here and check out the Momness, and there just doesn’t seem to be so much.

Lots of coupons however. And there is a slickly produced TV commercial which is probably what all of this is meant to support, so far about 1000 views of the spot on YouTube.

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