Moms Place Trust in Other Consumers

eMarketer says: Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted than descriptions that come from manufacturers, according to a survey of US mom Internet users by online video review site EXPO.

Online moms doing product research put their faith in descriptions from consumers nearly 12 times more.

US Mom Internet Users Who Trust Consumer Reviews More Than the Manufacturer

Traditional channels such as in-store promotions and newspaper inserts still have significant influence on the purchase decisions of online moms, but word-of-mouth and consumer information sites and magazines also scored highly. About one-fifth of respondents were influenced by text or video reviews.

Sources that Have Influenced* the Purchase Decisions of US Mom Internet Users, November 2009 (% of respondents)

The power of video reviews was growing, with nearly one-quarter of moms saying they had an increasing influence on their purchase decisions.

Nearly 64% of respondents had watched a user-generated video review, and more than three-quarters of that group said it helped them make a purchase decision—either for or against a product or brand. Far and away consumers’ favorite thing about video reviews was the ability to see the product in action, cited by more 81.3%.

Respondents expressed a marked desire to see user-generated video reviews on a variety of sites, with 40% to 50% seeking them on shopping comparison sites, brand sites, e-commerce sites, Facebook and YouTube.

About one-half of respondents had ever uploaded user-generated videos, and 35.9% of those had uploaded videos about products or brands. Among those who hadn’t, nearly 90% said they would do so.

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