Engage Moms: New Year New Trends

In this article Maria Bailey looks at what we should keep in mind to when marketing to moms in 2010.

  •  Marketing to Moms becomes Marketing with Moms.  Moms want to feel like they are a partner in the marketer/consumer relationship.
  • Video Puts a Face to Bloggers and Moms.  Technology now allows moms to communicate face-to-face online.  Encourage moms to be online spokespersons for your product.  Putting consumers’ faces on your products will help make your brand more relatable for moms.
  • The Mom Frugalista is the New Chic of 2010.  Moms have found how rewarding clipping coupons and saving money can be and will continue to keep their money saving ways in the new year.
  • Taking mom’s online communities offline.  If a brand has created a strong online following, the next step is to take the online communities offline and have the participants meet and share in person.  Creating gatherings around a brand or product will build a platform for participants to interact with and around your brand or product.  

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Published: Jan. 6, 2010

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