DiGiorno: an Americas Hottest Brand Case Study

Ad Age

Originally Published: November 16, 2009

“DiGiorno has been having a fantastic year,” said Tom Moe, director-marketing for DiGiorno. “We’ve had a fantastic year for several reasons, but two in particular: 1. Innovation, and 2. Marketing.”

This past year DiGiorno has launched a new campaign, DiGiornonomics, which positioned itself against delivery pizza brands based on value and quality.  This is one of the first frozen pizza companies to directly take on the delivery pizza companies as a competitor.  Along with their new DiGiornonomics campaign DiGiorno has also launched three new products in the last year: Crispy Flatbread Pizza with Chicken and Bell Peppers, DiGiorno Melts & Ultimate Toppings pizzas.  These new products allow DiGiorno to be a direct competitor to other fast food chains that offer products such as hot sandwiches & pizza.  

 DiGiorno has seen a 20% gain in sales for the last two quarters.

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