Consumers Have Appetite for Unbranded Pizza


Originally Published: November 28, 2009

Prior to 2009 the private label frozen pizza & snack sales had been stagnant for years.  In the past year alone, this category has seen a 20% increase in sales, which made it the second largest category increase in the private label market. The major reason for this boost in sales is due to consumers staying home more often vs. going out to a restaurant in effort to help save money during the recession.

In general, marketers have noticed brands that play up their ‘value’ are getting better responses from consumers.  According to the Hartman Groups research, “majority of the 43% of Americans who tried private label products in the last year plan to continue to purchase store brands.”  Experts are predicting a long-term change in consumer shopping habits, and many think this change will last even after the recession lifts.

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