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Trendcentral outlines a web trend they call Parental Guidance: New style blogs are finding inspiration in Moms and Dads back in the day.
Most of us wouldn’t dare raid our parents’ closets today – we already took all the good stuff upon entering the halls of high school where the only duds cooler than those sold at Urban Outfitters were the originals that inspired them. But in this era where many of us strive to look like we stepped out of a ’70s Polaroid , we now scour old family albums for fashion ideas. Recognizing that the vinyl three-ring binders collecting dust in the basement may be a better style source than modern fashion glossies, or even street style blogs, a new wave of fashion blogs is paying tribute to Mom and Dad by digging into the vaults for the best looks of their youth:
My Mom, The Style Icon : No matter how hot you may feel in the prime years of your twenties, Mom was always even more of a babe at your age. Originally conceived as a tribute to the author’s own smokin’ mom , this blog has since evolved into a look-book of vintage mom threads we’d kill to add to our wardrobes. (Polyester truly never looked so good.) Aside from offering potential creative fodder to those churning out next season’s runway collections, each photo is cleverly narrated with a behind-the-scenes story; while one mom’s “grand entrance at a party where there was a parrot and a tray of mushroom brownies” makes her relatable to a recent art school grad living in Bushwick, the classy outfits are so much hipper than any trashion ensemble you’d find at a loft party today. If you missed Mother’s Day this year, it’s not too late to redeem yourself by sending in a pic of Mom when she was your age – far more meaningful than a bouquet of flowers.Submit your photos of Mom here

Dads in Short Shorts : Men were showing off their thighs long before American Apparel started eradicating the fashion faux pas known as the boardshort. While most young men – minus those who hog the dodgeball court at the Williamsburg Pool Parties all summer – are still hesitant to show off their gams, wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes was no big deal for dads in the ’80s. This blog raises the proverbial glass to the dads of yesterday who have become the (somewhat questionable) trendsetters of today. From canary yellow nylon to white OPs , the site is proof that hotpants were not limited to ’60s Bond girls. We’re hoping for a spin-off site: Dads in Highwaisted Jeans.Submit your photos of Dad here

My Parents Were Awesome : They may now spend their Saturday nights watching DVR’d marathons of Antiques Roadshow while catching up on the laundry, but once upon a time, Mom and Dad could’ve out-partied even you. Remind them that there was a time before they exclusively wore Crocs and sweats on the weekends, that their clothes were worn to be stylish not sensible. Whether they’re lounging on a shag rug while listening to some heavy jams or caught mid-makeout on a granny square blanket, Mom and Dad probably have some fading photos that, despite what you may think about their current predilection for early bird buffet dining and package deal vacations, prove they were once actually pretty damn cool. Submit your photos of Mom and Dad here

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