Shift Happens: 'People' Magazine Reveals Digital Strategies and (huge) Results

peopleadageSkeptics who are still not sure about the real potential for building large-scale mobile phone audiences for content and ads would do well to take a look at The mobile channel of that Time Inc. magazine site is now logging 18 million mobile page views a month. And that horde of on-the-go readers and viewers seeking celebrity news via their mobile phones is just the beginning.
Peep AdAge’s Video Interview with Fran Hauser, president of the digital side of Time Inc.’s Style and Entertainment Group.

Aki Notes: Judging from this interview, old school media is getting smart and going digital- social-mobile. Digital is now the new normal, no longer an “experiment”. Nowadays, stats reveal that the growth on Facebooks and Twitters is mainstreams, Boomers, affluents and women. This ain’t “freaks and geeks” anymore.

The question for us is…if old school media like People is fast adapting to the age of digital and social media, and seeing big audiences and engagement…are we buying and participating with that media opportunity, too? Or are we only buying the 8×11 print layouts?

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