FastFeeders See Results from Twitter Promotions

32-twitterlocal-051809 AdAge reports: Naked Pizza, a New Orleans healthful-pizza shop that’s hoping to go national — Mark Cuban is a backer — has been marketing itself via the microblogging service. And recently it has started to track Twitter-spurred sales at the register. In a test run April 23, an exclusive-to-Twitter promotion brought in 15% of the day’s business.

Michael Farah, founder and CEO of Berry Chill, a yogurt shop with three Chicago locations, sends “Sweet Tweets” — promos that require users to show they’re Twitter followers of the store. In a month, he’s logged 700 followers and, he said, “sweet tweets” haven’t diminished his daily sales.

“Our last big promotion we gave away 1,100 yogurts — $5,500 worth of product — but sales were the same as the day before,” he said. “The people who were existing customers standing in line attracted people who hadn’t tried it.”

Add the location-based technology nearly every mobile device will soon have, and many say it’ll really earn its keep as a killer local app.

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